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10K Real Yellow Gold with Real 0.66CT Diamonds Picture Pendant Size 2"
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    10K Yellow Real Gold Real Diamond 0.75 CT Cross Pendant
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    SKU: 19342Y-A499KOB

      10k Real Gold Real Diamond 0.25ct "HAMSA" Charm Fashion Yellow Style Pendant KING OF BLINGS10k Real Gold Real Diamond 0.25ct "HAMSA" Charm Fashion Yellow Style Pendant KING OF BLINGS
      10k Real Gold Real Diamond 0.25ct "HAMSA" Charm Fashion Yellow Style Pendant
      Regular price $299.99

      SKU: 15681Y-A129KOB

        10K Yellow Real Gold Real Diamond 1.05 CT Cross Pendant
        Regular price $1,059.99

        SKU: 18169Y-A459KOB


          Gold diamond pendants – It’s time to class up your jewelry collection! 

          There are jewelry wearers and there are jewelry collectors. People who wear jewelry for the heck of it don’t really look at the class of a product when they buy it. They prefer to spend less and get designs that are made using inexpensive metals and regular stones. Sure, there are plenty of such buyers and they account for a huge portion of the jewelry market and probably contribute to a good percentage of your sales. But what about those who are looking for classy and expensive jewelry pieces to add to their collection? We’re talking about people who don’t mind spending a big amount on designs that are rare and unique, hand-crafted to perfection with great attention to detail. 

          Enter gold diamond pendants, the perfect jewelry piece to complete any collection. They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. With the way they sparkle and glitter, they add oomph and appeal to the person wearing them. And when you pair this precious gem with an expensive metal like gold, what you get are jewelry pieces par excellence, products that will have the upper class of society flocking to your store to buy the latest designs from you. The best part is that you can get a whole range of these products at different prices. This way, you’ll be able to cater to a wider section of buyers too. 

          The perfect gift for a loved one 

          When it comes to buying gifts for loved ones, most people throw caution to the wind and splurge. And if your customers are looking to buy jewelry for a loved one, then they definitely can’t go wrong with a gold diamond pendant. This piece of classy jewelry makes for a very intimate and personal gift, perfect if your customers are looking to make a romantic or meaningful statement to their loved ones. In fact, these pendants are perfect to be gifted for any occasion. Crafted with great attention to detail and using only the best materials and stones, they are the perfect expression of love and adoration your customers need this season.  

          Craftsmanship par excellence 

          When it comes to gold jewelry, only the best craftsmanship and skill can produce designs that are truly unique and rare. When you have customers who are willing to pay a good price for unique products, you need to make sure you give them nothing short of the absolute best. Some of the best gold diamond pendants in the country are made by highly experienced and well-known manufacturers around. With their decades of experience, they hand-set these precious gems in the best-quality yellow gold to produce some of the most stunning jewelry your customers will ever see. The quality of the gold used in them complements the stones really well to give the pendant an extra touch of class. 

          Gold and diamond – the perfect combination for your classy customers

          When someone spends a lot of money on a piece of jewelry, they’re looking to make heads turn when they wear them. Well, maybe not all of them, but the point is that they intend the jewelry they pay for to make them fit right in with the highest class of society. They want to wear expensive gold diamond pendants when they go out to parties, social events, and the like. This is exactly what these pieces are designed for, to make your customers fit right in with the rest of their peers and friends. Order your inventory today and get them at great prices.  

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