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10k White Gold Finish with Real 0.50ct Diamond Angel Pendant10k White Gold Finish with Real 0.50ct Diamond Angel Pendant
10k White Gold Finish with Real 0.50ct Diamond Angel Pendant
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SKU: 14108W-A149KOB

    10K White Gold Finish Silver 925 Round with .40 CT Diamond Pendant10K White Gold Finish Silver 925 Round with .40 CT Diamond Pendant
    10K White Gold Finish Silver 925 Round with .40 CT Diamond Pendant
    Regular price $229.99

    SKU: 13986W-A99KOB

      10K Yellow Gold Finish Real .33 CT Diamond Cross Silver Pendent
      Regular price $239.99 $229.99

      SKU: 14445Y-A99KOB


        Silver diamond pendants – get the latest and classiest designs in the country right away! 

        They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. And why not? The sparkle, glitter, and sheer beauty of one of the most precious gems in the world are enough to capture the attention of any person. Normally, diamonds are paired with other expensive metals such as gold or platinum to make extremely unique pieces of jewelry. While they ooze class and are very posh to look at, these jewelry pieces also end up costing quite a lot. So, unless you’ve got pretty deep pockets, owning a piece of diamond jewelry is next to impossible. 

        But what if you pair a diamond with another sparkly metal? What if you used another metal that is not just a lot cheaper than gold and platinum but also lasts long and looks really good too? That is where silver comes into the picture. When paired with this inexpensive metal, you can create diamond jewelry that a good number of your regular customers can also buy. This expands your customer base to more than just the cream of society. For example, silver diamond pendants are the perfect gift for many occasions. Take a look at why you need to source your jewelry inventory from the best manufacturers in the country who also offer great discounts and rates. 

        Craftsmanship makes all the difference 

        When it comes to jewelry, craftsmanship and skill make a huge difference in how your customers look at a piece. It all comes down to the small details that are depicted in your products. This is why it is very important to source your inventory from the right suppliers. If you’re looking for silver diamond pendants, look no further. Simply get in touch with one of the best manufacturers in the country and give your customers the best that they deserve. Their pendants are made by experienced craftsmen who have years of experience. Their attention to detail and quality of work is seen in the final output of their products. The silver metal used in the pieces blends in really well with the stones, making the craftsman's skill shine through. 

        Unique pieces that make your customers stand out 

        The main intention of someone who buys a piece of diamond jewelry is to stand out in a crowd. The shine that this precious stone creates cannot be compared to any other jewel. When you know that your customers are coming into your store or visiting your website to buy something that will make them be the center of attraction at a party or an event, you need to offer them something worthy of their attention. Try displaying silver diamond pendants in your store. Since many of the designs can be worn by both men and women, they are sure to get you a lot of new customers. Complete and set with real diamonds, these products are head-turners. 

        Why silver works well for diamond jewelry 

        Since you’re looking to attract customers who don’t have a lot of money to spend, diamonds set in silver are the best you can offer them. This is why silver is such a workable metal, especially sterling silver. First of all, the metal is durable. Even when used daily, it will stand the test of time and continue to bedazzle crowds. All it requires is a little maintenance from time to time. This is what makes these two a timeless pair. Silver diamond pendants are just what your customers need to grace their necks. They will never go out of style. Order your inventory today and get the best rates you can expect in the country. 

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