All Effy rings come in size 7. For other sizes, a special order is required. Below is a guide to assist you in determining your ring size.

Printer Settings

Before printing this page, make certain changes to your print dialog box:

  • Uncheck the “fit to page” option
  • Set the page scaling to “none”or set custom scaling to “100%”

To confirm that the page is properly sized, measure the “2 in”and “50 mm” reference images with a ruler. If they do not match exactly, the ring size.Measurements will be inaccurate.

Below are two options for ring sizing, choose the one that works best for you


Before you cut this sizer, place a piece of clear tape over the entire image to provide strength and allow for a more precise measurement. Then, cut out the image. With a straight edge razor, carefully cut the indicated slot across the dotted line. Insert the end of the sizer into the slot, so that the numbers are on the outside of the circle. Place the sizer on the intended finger at the widest point and pull the tab through the slot until the sizer is snug. Make certain it can still slip over the knuckle of the finger. The number that lines up with the slit is your ring size.


Select an existing ring that correctly fits the intended finger of the new ring. Place the ring over the circles to find where the stroke appears clearly inside your current ring. The inside diameter of your current ring should precisely match the diameter of the sizing circle. If the ring is between two sizing circles, choose the larger size.


Things to Remember

Measure warm hands for an accurate size when using the linear guide. The best time is normally early evening.