About | Custom Jewelry by King of Blings

About us – the Kings of making customized jewelry 

Welcome to King of Blings, where we specialize in designing, crafting, and selling a range of specially customized jewelry. We sell rings, earrings, necklaces, and bangles created from silver, 10K gold, 14K gold, Cubic Zirconia (lab-grown diamonds), Diamonds, and semi-precious stones like Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby. 

With over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry, we are one of the most sought-after manufacturers and suppliers of diamond jewelry in the United States today. From design to customization and crafting, we handle the entire process ourselves, creating both quality and value for our customers. 

Why buy from King of Blings? 

King of Blings was established to serve as a one-stop solution for all your jewelry needs, whether you’re looking for inexpensive pieces or expensive ones. But when there are so many jewelry brands in the market, why should you choose to buy from King of Blings? Because we’re different from everyone else, that’s why. Our market differentiator is the way we work.

Here’s how we work: We offer diamond jewelry to you at the same prices we charge retail stores. For example, let’s say we supply a pendant to a retail store at $100. The store will then add a mark-up of around 5 times to make the selling price $499. During sale events, the store will offer a 70% discount and sell the pendant to you for $149. This way, they make a good profit even when they sell at heavy discounts. This is where we make all the difference. Why buy a pendant for $149, that too, after waiting for stores to offer you discounts when you can buy them from King of Blings for a lot lesser? 

How do we do this? It’s not possible for everyone to sell premium customized jewelry at the prices we offer. We’re able to offer such great prices because we own the entire supply chain, from the basic design, to further customization as per your needs, to manufacturing, and finally to selling it to you. By cutting out the middlemen, we save money, and we pass on those savings to you in the form of highly competitive prices. The result – prices and deals that are hard to beat. Come check us out today, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

The pioneers in customized jewelry 

King of Blings was set up in 2019 by jewelry experts with over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry, to cater to the specific requirements of thousands of customers who are looking for customized jewelry. We are proud to say that we are one of the first in the industry to offer product customization right from the design process. Do you want a particular pendant, ring, or earring design? Simply let us know what you want and we’ll make exactly what you want. We even give you the option of uploading a picture of the design you want and we’ll get it done for you in a matter of days. All this, at the most incredible prices on the market. 

We’re in the business of making you look good 

At King of Blings, we’re dedicated to making you look your best. We settle for nothing short of it. The best part is, no matter your budget, we’ve got something for you. From affordable designs made out of silver and Cubic Zirconia (CZ) to high-end jewelry made with diamonds and gold, we’ve got a whole range of products for you. Our high level of customization allows us to create and offer you extremely unique pieces that will ensure you stand out in a crowd. So, whether you’re looking for something for everyday wear or something for a special event or occasion, we’ve got you covered. 

Redefining the cost of luxury 

Till now, you’ve probably seen people paying insane amounts of money to buy luxury products like diamond or gold jewelry. If you’ve felt that you need to save up for years to buy your own diamond jewelry, King of Blings can help you buy it sooner. Our diamond and gold jewelry costs only a fraction of the prices usually being charged on the market. Normally, cheap jewelry means lower quality. But that’s not the case with us. We assure you of the highest quality levels while charging you a much lower price. You’ve got to see it to believe it, so check out our collections today, and don’t forget to read up on our quality assurance as well. Now you too can own luxury jewelry without breaking the bank. 

Assuring you the best-quality jewelry 

People say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and there is no denying it. But what’s the point in having cheap best friends or fake ones? Whether you’re dressing up for an upcoming family gathering, party, or work event, subtle and elegant diamond earrings are what you need to complete your look. At King of Blings, we take great care in ensuring that we offer nothing short of the best in terms of quality. Our diamonds are 100% genuine and are second to none when it comes to cut and clarity, guaranteed to make your occasion a sparkly one. 

If you want diamond jewelry that’s even more affordable, look for our sterling silver diamond collection. From earrings to rings, pendants, and more, we have everything you need to complete your look and make your day. 

We assure you a shopping experience like no other. Nothing brings a customer more joy than when they are able to purchase something they desire at an affordable price. We sell it all from uniquely-shaped engagement rings made of 14k gold, 10k gold pendants, silver chains with pendants, and 100% diamond stud earrings. The gold content in our 10k jewelry depicts the purity and quality we are committed to giving you every single time. Browse our selections and choose a necklace, ring, bracelet, or a pair of earrings – anything that best emphasizes your style.

King of Blings – the origin story 

King of Blings was founded by Vinnie George in 2019. She started her career at the age of 18, working in a bank. After leaving the bank job due to travel constraints, she took up a job with a jewelry brand in Mumbai, India, that being her area of interest. There, she learnt everything about making jewelry, right from the design and metal casting process to the sales process. Due to her hard work and determination, Vinnie was promoted to the position of production manager within a year. In 3 years, she was made General Manager at the age of 22, handling the operations of the entire business in India. 

In 1997, she was sent to the United States to oversee the business’s operation in the country. She worked there for 3 years before starting her own company in 2000 with her husband. A lot of ups and downs followed including the 2003 WTC tragedy and the recession a few years later. Although the business took heavy hits, she kept going. In 2012, she decided to set up her own manufacturing factory in Mumbai, to control all aspects of production. This allowed her to ensure quality as well as bring the manufacturing costs down. 

That was also the time when Vinnie sensed a big scarcity of customized jewelry in the U.S. market. This led to her creating unique designs in silver to appeal to those who were looking for inexpensive and customized jewelry. She was one of the first to start manufacturing highly-customized jewelry in the United States. From there, she moved on to more expensive designs involving gold, diamonds, and semi-precious stones like sapphire, ruby, etc. 

King of Blings was set up in 2019 solely under the leadership of Vinnie to cater to offer highly personalized jewelry to customers around the world. It is a woman-run company that goes a step further in identifying what customers want. When a customer requests a particular design, King of Blings offers further suggestions based on the customer’s intended use for that design. The design is then further customized to offer the maximum possible value for the customer’s money. 

So come, check out the best jewelry you can get on the market at prices that will not hurt your wallet. Get the assurance of quality when you buy from us. Bring your design ideas and requirements to us and we will make them a reality for you. After all, we know what it takes to make our dreams come true, so we can do the same for you as well